At Fantini Bakery we offer a vast selection of hearty rolls, rich breads and dozens more tempting bakery treats daily. With signature family recipes, quality ingredients and a true passion for the art of baking, we promise that one taste of Fantini Bakery’s mouth-watering baked goods will have your stamp of approval and keep you coming back for more.


3 thoughts on “Our Catalogue”

  1. I love love your square scali bread for grilled cheese sandwiches, I noticed I hardly see them at several market baskets now, are you guys still making it🥹🤞🤞🤞🤞🤞

  2. Around Valentine’s Day is when we like to start our seasonal lobster roll night but it’s hard trying to find a brioche style roll that tastes just like fantini’s so we improvise which is not enough for me So I’m asking can you guys please set it up to start carrying in the Stop n Shops here in CT especially New Haven county I would appreciate it thank you. KC

  3. My wife and i absolutely love you bread ancient grains. We bought it at market basket in conway nh. For a few weeks and have been looking for it every week we go. It seams that now I can’t find it anymore. Do you goto any other store so I can still buy it. Or can I have it mailed to me. You can also call me anytime at 774-232-0741.
    Thank you

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